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Quality Control

"To provide compliant, and on-time delivery of goods and services to all of our customers, and to directly empower employees throughout the company in meeting this performance requirement."

To maintain product quality and delivery, the HEW continues to upgrade its production system, which includes in-house material foundries. And HEW's quality assurance system ensures that, at all operating stages, the Company's materials, products, and services meet customer requirements. With these strategies, HEW intends to uphold and increase its worldwide reputation for superior performance and reliability of all its products manufactured in India.


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Quality Assurance

It is HEW policy that all valves are manufactured within strict quality standards. All valves are subjected to body and seat tests prior to shipment. HEW Quality Assurance department takes full responsibility to ensure that all applicable customer contractual requirements are fulfilled. For this purpose, the HEW Quality Assurance Manual has been developed. The manual outlines all relevant procedures to ensure a high quality level. The procedures include all stages of sales, engineering, procurement and manufacturing. A copy of the Quality Assurance Manual is available upon request. HEW 's quality system is in full compliance with ISO 9001 and has been audited and approved by all major oil and gas companies, engineering contractors and inspection authorities.

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